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Stanley Craddock

USCA Performance/RH Judge; 10-year IPO, IGP competitor; 2-year RH competitor.


Competes with his two German Shepherd Dogs:

- Hamlyn von der bosen Hohle (10 yr) BH, AD, IGP3, FH2, RH-F-V, RH-FL-V, RH-FL-A

- Optima von der bosen Hohle (5 yr) BH, AD, IGP1, FH2, RH-F-V, RH-FL-V, RH-FL-A


Why Stanley competes in RH –


As a USCA Performance/RH Judge, to evaluate RH teams best, I must have trained and competed in such activities.


Additionally, I love the RH sport concept for all my retired or soon-to-be-retired IGP dogs and those dogs for whom the upper levels of bite sport seem to be less than a good fit. There is no reason to retire these dogs to “pet-dom” and boring backyard lives. RH provides the dog and handler a second working sports opportunity that is less physically stressful, mentally stimulating, and downright fun for both the handler and the dog.

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