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About the Search and Rescue Sport (IPO-R)


IPO-R is an official sport of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale)

  • IPO-R has many similarities to IGP (Schutzhund) and is an ideal supplement to that sport as well as to AKC tracking, obedience, and agility.

  • Trials consist of two phases – a search phase and an obedience and dexterity phase. There is no protection.  


Search phase – you have your choice of the following disciplines. You can do more than one discipline, but you must go through all the levels in each discipline. For example, you can’t do the first level in tracking and then the second level in area search. You must do first level tracking, second level tracking, first level area search, second level area search, and so on.

  • track

  • area search

  • rubble search

  • mantrailing

  • avalanche search

  • water rescue


Obedience and dexterity 

  • heeling with changes of pace

  • closed tunnel

  • down stay

  • changes of position at a distance

  • carry your dog

  • heeling over a difficult surface

  • Get more detailed information about these and other exercises in the international rules and on our training page. 


Trial levels

  •  Introductory level (V)

  • Levels A and B.

  • At each level, you can trial and earn titles in all the different search options – for example A-tracking, A-area search, A-mantrailing, and so on.

  • You can do only search work or only obedience and dexterity at a trial if you prefer. But you won’t earn a title.

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