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Heather Haudenshield

My name is Heather Haudenshield and I am the RH Training Director for our ASG RH Club. I have been training dogs since 1998.  I have competed in Schutzhund/IPG/IPO with my past dogs and am a member of the IPG 3 club. I also trained French Ring with my Dutchie Zoon and achieved his Brevet before moving to RH with him.

I was involved in SAR for about 20 years and was a cadaver dog handler with 2 of my dogs with multiple confirmed finds working with local and regional law enforcement. I owned a K9 behavior modification and training business for about 15 years training hundreds of different types of dogs. I obtained a BS and MA courses in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior and Learning Theory.  I am currently working my Zoon in RH with a plan to obtain his A in April 2024 and B in the next trial after. I am also working an19 month old Bouvier Des Flanders in IPG and RH - and currently looking at Ring Sport with him as well.

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